18-inch Luxurious Map Backgammon Set

The Middleton Games 18-Inch Luxurious Map Backgammon Set is perfect for the gamer who wants to add a touch of class to their game room. This set includes everything you need to get started on your backgammon adventure, including an elegant and classy map design, ultra plush faux-suede playing surface with stitched points, and an extra thick 1 1/4″ x 3/8″ checkers, 1″ doubling cube, 5/8″ dice and matching dice cups. The set comes with an easy-to-use attache style folding table that makes it easy to store and carry around.

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  • The Middleton 18 inch Luxurious Map Backgammon Set comes with a unique, elegant, and classy design.
  • It has a plush, faux suede playing surface with stitched points.
  • The set includes extra thick 1″ checkers, 1″ doubling cube, 5/8″ dice, and matching dice cups.
  • This rugged and sturdy luggage style handle provides a noticeable upgrade compared to other backgammon sets.
  • The set also includes side pockets for easy storage.


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