Adjustable Ankle Weights for Men/Women and Kids

The Alyoens Adjustable Ankle Weights are perfect for strengthening weak ankles and wrists during rehabilitation or for use as part of an exercise routine. These ankle weights are made of soft and stretchy mercerized cotton, and feature a black finish that will complement any home or office decor. With the easy-to-use design, these ankle weights make it simple to add some extra resistance to your workout routine.

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  • The product is an ankle weight with 5 separable sandbags.
  • It is made of soft and stretchy materials.
  • The sandbag portion of the product allows for individual adjustment.
  • The product has multiple uses including strength training, rehabilitation, and sports performance enhancement.
  • Finally, the product comes with a traffic cone design.


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  • Provides A Variety Of Exercises
  • Can Be Done In Any Shoe
  • Comes With A Pair Of Strap And Thumb-Lock For Safety


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