ALIENTABI Backpack Sprayer with Lithium Battery

The ALIENTABI Backpack Sprayer is a high-quality backpack sprayer that is perfect for use in weeding, spraying, cleaning, and other landscaping tasks. This backpack sprayer features a durable construction made from stainless steel and plastic, and has a detachable Type-C cable for easy storage and transportation. With a 20kg weight limit, this backpack sprayer is perfect for use by adults and children alike.

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  • The ALIENTABI Backpack Sprayer has a high quality material construction.
  • It has a variable speed trigger for precise application control.
  • The sprayer also features an ergonomic handle and a pivoting head for improved handling and use.
  • The backpack straps with chest clip keep the sprayer securely attached to the user’s back.
  • This model comes with a self cleaning feature.


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