Aureday Backdrop Stand – 10Ft Adjustable Photo Frame

The Aureday Backdrop Stand is a versatile and easy-to-use backdrop stand that will make your photos pop. This kit includes everything you need to create a perfect photo backdrop. The dual steel stands are sturdy and reliable, while the crossbar is highly adjustable to fit any size backdrop. The sandbags add extra weight to keep the backdrop in place, while the clamps ensure that your backdrop stays looking great.

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  • The Aureday Backdrop Stand is a versatile background support system that offers an adjustable height of 2.3ft to 7ft.
  • The stand is made of steel and has a payload of up to 5kg/11lbs.
  • The package includes 6 heavy duty clamps, 4 crossbars, 6 background clamps, 2 sandbags, and a carrying bag.
  • Aureday offers a one year warranty on all parts.


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