Automatic Cat Feeder with App Control

The Automatic Cat Feeder with App Control is perfect for busy cat owners who need to feed their cats on the go. With its flexible meal scheduling and easy-to-use app, you can set it and forget it. The feeder will automatically dispense one to six meals per day and every meal has one to fifteen portions. The feeder also features a top lock design and built-in programming panel that prevents pets from changing settings with their paws.

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  • The pawmate Smart Pet Feeder is a smart automatic cat feeder that allows you to remotely control and monitor its operation.
  • The feeder uses wifi technology to connect to your phone, allowing you to monitor and adjust the amount of food being dispensed as well as change the feeding schedule.
  • This product also features an app that can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play store, which makes it easy to configure and use.
  • Finally, the feeder has a dual power supply system, ensuring that it will work even if a power outage occurs.


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  • Feeds Only One Cat At A Time
  • Controlled By App
  • Portion Control
  • Easy To Set Up


  • May Be Too Small For Some Cats