Yipscazo Peel and Stick Backsplash Tile for Kitchen Wall

The Yipscazo Stainless Steel Peel and Stick Backsplash Tiles are perfect for those who want an easy and quick way to add some style to their home. These tiles are made of high-quality materials and are designed to last. With a brushed aluminum finish, they’re also easy on the eyes. They’re perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas of your home.

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  • The Yipscazo stainless steel peel and stick backsplash is made of durable, heat resistant material.
  • It has a metallic luster and comes with a natural shell.
  • The tiles are easy to install with no grout or glue required.
  • They are quick and easy to maintain with no need for special cleaners or sealers.


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