CanDo 10-1786 MVP Balance System 20″ Diameter Board

The CanDo 10-1786 MVP Balance System is a great way
to improve your core strength and stability. This system includes four
different non-skid platforms that are perfect for improving your balance and
coordination. With the color-coded instability balls, you’ll be able to
easily identify which platform is best for you.

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  • The CanDo 10-1786 MVP Balance System is a modular balance system
    that has 4 different nonskid platforms and 5 different color coded
    instability balls.
  • This product is perfect for balance, coordination, ankle and knee
    strengthening and rehabilitation, ankle range of motion and flexibility, core
    stability, improved posture, and proprioceptive training.
  • Each board can be used as a wobble board, if one ball is inserted
    into the center position, or rocker board, if two balls are inserted into
    opposing sides positions.
  • One ball can also be positioned off center to aid in ROM and
    stretching activities.


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  • Easily Fit In Most Shoes
  • Can Be Used With Other Devices, Too
  • Has A Good Price


  • May Not Be Suitable For All Users