Bundle & Bliss Secret Litter Box Enclosure

The Secret Litter Box is a perfect way to
keep your house smelling fresh and clean. This product features a patented
design that allows you to hide your litter box in any room of your home. It
also comes with a track-free interior, so your cat can have some privacy when
using the box. The bundle includes a faux plant, which will add some charm to
any room.

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  • The Secret Litter Box has a patented design that hides the litter
    box in plain sight.
  • It includes a discreetly placed faux plant and river
  • The litter box also features an odor control carbon filter that
    absorbs and neutralizes odors.
  • Finally, the reusable liners are made from scratch resistant


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  • More Space Than Most Standard Boxes
  • Super Easy To Take A Part And Clean
  • Realistic Plant


  • The Tabs Inside Lid Meet The Box Itself