Capezio 2028 Canvas Juliet Ballet Shoe

The Capezio Women’s 2028 Canvas Juliet Ballet Shoe is perfect for those looking to add some comfort and style to their dance shoes. Made with high-quality materials, this shoe will last you for many years of wear. With its sleek design and comfortable feel, it will be sure to turn heads when you enter the room.

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  • The Capezio Women’s 2028 Canvas Juliet Ballet Shoe is a high quality, handmade suede leather shoe that has a 4way stretch canvas upper.
  • It also has a unique design with a patented diamond gusset and a contoured, durable chrome tanned suede sole.
  • The shoe is lined with a moisture absorbent material and has a cushioned, removable, bar tacked elastic drawstring and Preattached criss cross elastics.
  • Finally, the shoe has precision trimmed forefoot padding to ensure a flat shoe.


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