Capri Tools Dead Blow Ball Peen Hammer

The Capri Tools Dead Blow Ball Peen Hammer is perfect for any metalworker or machinist who needs a versatile and durable hammer to get the job done. This hammer features a textured grip and a steel face that’s perfect for giving you the power you need to shape and forge metals. With its shot-filled design, this hammer provides maximum striking force while reducing rebound. It’s also made of high-quality materials for durability and long lasting use.

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  • The Capri Tools 36oz.
  • It has a steel face for striking, shaping, flattening and expanding metal.
  • The steel ball peen hammer has a shot filled dead blow action which reduces rebound and gives maximum striking force.
  • The hammer has a durable polyurethane construction which is resistant to a wide variety of oils and solvents.
  • The textured handle provides a nonslip grip.


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