Carbon Fiber Badminton Rackets 2 Pack

The TIGERS 32(Performance: Both offensive and defensive)+ TIGERS 34(Performance: Offensive) / 4U (80g-85g) / G4 Grip Handle / Balance point: 290 3MM /Length: 675 MM /String Tension: 24 LBS – 26 LBS (Maximum up to 30 pounds), Middle Tube rigidity 8.3 0.2 (moderate).

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  • The product includes 2 new tennis rackets that are made of 100% carbon fiber.
  • The materials used to make these rackets are more durable than those typically found on other rackets.
  • These rackets have a unique design that increases the amount of spin put on the ball.
  • The package also includes 3 new shuttlecocks.


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