Self Cleaning Automatic Cat Litter Box with Infra-Red Sensor System

The Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box is a revolutionary new technology that automatically cleans your cat’s litter box. This automatic cat litter box features an infra-red sensor system that detects when your cat has used the box and then automatically starts the cleaning process. The Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box also features a large entryway and interior space, so your cat can have privacy while they’re using the box.

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  • The product is a self cleaning cat litter box that uses infrared sensors to detect when animals leave the box.
  • It has a unique design that includes a negative air pressure system, an integrated fan, and a carbon filter.
  • The waste tray is made of durable plastic and can hold up to 7.2kg of cat waste.
  • The product comes with a 10 year limited warranty.


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  • Made Of 100% Synthetic Leather
  • Single Boxer Briefs
  • 2 Pack Included
  • Imported


  • May Not Be Suitable For All Weather Conditions
  • May Need To Empty Drawers Frequently