Petree Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

The Petree Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box is perfect for busy families who are looking for an easy way to keep their home clean. This litter box features a variety of safety and security features that protect your cat from harm. It also has an app control panel that allows you to monitor the status of the box and replace litter as needed. With its large interior, it can accommodate multiple cats without taking up too much space in your home.

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  • The product is a selfcleaning cat litter box that uses an APP to monitor the status of the box.
  • The box has a safety feature that prevents the heating element from operating unless the lid is closed properly.
  • The box also features an odour removal process that uses ozone to eliminate odors.
  • Finally, the box has an automatic release of CO2 to allow for natural gas combustion.


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  • Litter Box Is Sleek And Does Not Take Up A Lot Of Space
  • Cats Will Love To Use It
  • Automatic Litter Box Cleaner


  • May Be Too Small For Some Cats