DOKITI Catnip Toys for Kitten

The Dokiti Catnip Toys for Kittens are perfect for
your cat who loves to play. Made with 100% natural catnip, these toys are
filled with fun and interactive ways to play with your cat. With a variety of
colors and designs, there is sure to be one that catches your eye. These toys
are also made with a breathable fabric that allows your cat to smell the
catnip easily. They are perfect for relieving stress and boredom after being
separated from you.

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  • The product is a set of three plush catnip toys that are filled
    with natural catnip.
  • These are designed to help alleviate stress in cats who are alone
    or who have been separated from their owners.
  • The toys are made of high quality, durable
  • They are also bite resistant.
  • This makes them ideal for playing games with.


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  • Made Of Decent Materials
  • Cute Design
  • Toys Are A Lot More Fun For Cats Than They Are For


  • May Be Too Small For Some Cats