Echo PB-265LN Low Noise Backpack Blower With Hip Mount Throttle

The Echo PB-265LN is a high-performance, lightweight backpack that is perfect for home or on the go. With a 25.4cc engine, this gas-powered blower will get you up and running in no time. The low noise level of 64 dB(A) makes it perfect for use in noisy environments such as hospitals, restaurants, or other places where you need to keep your voice down. The posi-lock pipes make it easy to set up and store, while the padded backrest and shoulder straps provide comfort during use. The variable speed throttle with cruise control makes it easy to operate, while the i-30 starting system ensures that you can start your blower without any trouble.

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  • The Echo PB265LN has a 25.4cc two stroke engine that is capable of 375 CFM and 158 MPH.
  • The blower also features low noise operation at 64dB(A).
  • It comes equipped with posiloc pipes for a secure connection as well as an i30 starting system.
  • Finally, the variable speed throttle allows for convenient operation.
  • Padded backrest and shoulder straps provide additional comfort while using the backpack blower.


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