IMUSA USA Bamboo GlobalKitchen 4 Piece Dim Sum Set

The Imusa USA Bamboo
Global Kitchen is perfect for those who are looking for an easy-to-use and
healthy way to cook their favorite foods. This set includes a 9. 7″
steamer, a 4″ steamer, and three mini steamers that can be used together
or separately. With its traditional design, this set will add a bit of style
to your kitchen while still being functional and easy to use.

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  • The set includes 4 pieces of equipment.
  • Each piece is made of bamboo.
  • The steaming trays allow you to cook a variety of foods at
  • This promotes healthier cooking as it eliminates the need to
    constantly stir food while cooking.
  • The traditional design promotes even heating and allows for
    better retention of nutrients.


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  • The Set Includes A Steamer And 3 Baking Pots
  • The Accessories Included Are Well Thought Out And
  • The Instructions Are Easy To Follow
  • The Food Racks Are Made Of High Quality


  • The Food Racks Are Not Interlocking