HaiSpring Artificial Olive Tree 5ft Tall Fake Plants

The HaiSpring Artificial Olive Tree is a lifelike simulation that is perfect for modern living rooms, home offices, indoor gardens, and outdoor spaces. With nearly natural silk tree trunk and leaves, this fake plant is sure to add some life and charm to any room. The olive tree is available in a variety of colors to suit your needs.

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  • The HaiSpring Artificial Olive Tree is a 5ft tall, artificial plant with 648 leaves.
  • It has a lifelike simulation of an olive tree, including bark texture and vibrant green leaves.
  • This olive tree is packed with plastic and shipped in a carton.
  • It requires no water, sunlight, or fertilizer, and comes with a free thank you card.
  • The dimensions of the pot are 5″ x 6″.


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  • Realistic Appearance
  • Fast Delivery
  • Right On Time
  • Smaller Than Expected Box
  • Fits Perfectly In Location


  • May Be Too Small For Some People