Jacto HD400 No Leak Backpack Sprayer with Heavy Duty Pump

The JACTO HD400 is a versatile backpack sprayer that can be used for lawns, gardens and crops. It features a high-pressure 4 gallon tank that allows you to spray a variety of liquids and powders. The HD400 is easy to use and has a long service life.

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  • The Jacto HD400 is a backpack sprayer that can spray both liquids and powders.
  • It has an inline piston pump that reduces operator exposure to chemicals.
  • The tank has a 4.1″ opening, deep strainer, molded carry handle, accurate volume markings in gallons and liters, and capacity to add chemicals without having to premix the total solution.
  • This model also includes a 65″ reinforced chemical resistant hose, trigger valve with lock and strainer, 22″ stainless steel wand with nozzle filter, and adjustable nozzle.


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