High Waisted Jeans KMBANGI Women

The KMBANGI Women’s Y2K High Waisted Jeans are perfect for any occasion. These pants are made of a polyester and denim blend that is comfortable and breathable, making them perfect for everyday use. With a zipper closure and two button closures, these pants are easy to put on and take off, and feature two front pockets and one back pocket for convenient storage. They also have a loose-leg design with a flared cut, giving them a very modern look.

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  • The KMBANGI Women’s Y2K High Waisted Jeans are made of polyester and denim.
  • They have a zipper closure and can be washed by Gentle Cycle or Hand Washing.
  • The pants have a loose leg design and feature pockets.
  • They are available in three sizes: Small, Medium, Large.


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