Open Top Cat Litter Box for Kittens Under 6 pounds

The MoMaek Open Top Cat Litter Box is perfect for your cat or small animal. With its side and back height of 13. 4 inches, it provides plenty of room for your cat to use the box. It also has a recessed bottom that allows you to easily clean the box without having to bend over too far. The open top design makes it quick and easy to access, so your cat can use the box at any time.

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  • The product is a cat litter box that has a matching scoop and polished interior.
  • The side and back of the litter box are high enough to keep litter from scattering on the floor.
  • The recessed bottom and molded in feet allow the litter pan to fit neatly in all types of spaces.
  • This product is designed for use with cats and small dogs.


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  • Inexpensive
  • Easy To Clean
  • Can Be Used As A Carpet


  • May Not Fit All Cats