Cat Litter Box Liners 10 Count Heavy Duty

The Kitty Litter Box Liners are perfect for those
who have large cats or multiple cats. They are made of a strong,
tear-resistant material that is perfect for use in your home. These liners
are also easy to clean and will not leave any unpleasant odors behind.

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  • The Cat Litter Box Liners are made of a durable polyester fabric
    that is tear resistant.
  • They have a drawstring closure to make it easy to remove the
    liner from the bag.
  • The liners are designed to fit the largest litter boxes, so there
    is no need to purchase extra liners.
  • The liners are extra heavy duty and will not


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  • Made Of Synthetic Materials
  • Large Capacity
  • Good Price
  • Easy To Install


  • May Not Fit All Cats