MTM H50-RL Deluxe Rifle Ammo Case Box 30-06

The MTM H50-RL Deluxe 50-Round Rifle Ammo Case is perfect for storing your ammunition. With a strong handle and lockable lid, this case will protect your bullets from damage. Made of rugged polypropylene with a scuff resistant textured finish, it’s perfect for use in any environment.

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  • The MTM H50RL Deluxe 50Round Rifle Ammo Case Box is a bullet tip protector that prevents bullet damage and changes bullet flight characteristics.
  • It is made out of rugged polypropylene with scuff resistant textured finish.
  • The maximum overall length of this case is 3.62″ bullet up and 4.1″ bullet down.
  • This case is stackable and has a pressure sensitive load label for recording load data.
  • Made out of polypropylene that won’t crack, chip, contract, expand or warp.


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  • Great For Reloading
  • Can Be Used For A Variety Of Weapons
  • Made With High Quality Materials


  • May Not Fit All Types Of Ammunition