Nextrino Athletic Finger Tapes – White

The Nextrino Athletic Finger Tapes are perfect for weightlifters, climbers, and martial artists who need extra support for their hands and fingers. Made of high-quality materials, these tapes are durable and sweat-resistant, and they come in a variety of colors to match your needs and preferences. With a strong adhesive, they won’t fall off when you need them most.

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  • The Nextrino athletic finger tapes are made of high quality, natural rubber material.
  • They have a strong enough adhesive, won’t fall off when you need it to increase your grip strength and protect your fingers from further injuries.
  • Our proprietary latex free tapes protect your skin and joints after sustained sessions in the gym, wont leave behind any glue when you take them off, making your clean up easier.
  • Tested and refined by athletes, our finger tape has passed all relevant standards and is suitable for a variety of applications including but not limited to weightlifting, martial arts (especially wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and MMA), yoga, running, rock climbing or volleyball.


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  • Leaves No Sticky Residue On Skin
  • One Of The Few Tapes Of This Width
  • Can Be Used For A Variety Of Applications


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