Pentel Rsvp Red Ballpoint pen 2 Count

The Pentel Rsvp Red Ballpoint Pen is perfect for writing, sketching, doodling, or note-taking. With its classic red color and smooth ink flow, this pen will never run out of ink during a long writing session. The Pentel Rsvp Red Ballpoint Pen features a fine point that allows for precise highlighting and underlining.

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  • The Pentel RSVP Red Ballpoint Pen has a latex free comfort zone grip that provides a sure hold and comfortable writing experience.
  • It also features an advanced ergonomic design with a rounded barrel for improved balance and control.
  • This pen is refillable, meaning you can use it over and over again without having to purchase new ink or toner.
  • Finally, the 0.7 mm fine tip allows for precise lines and accurate handwriting.


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