PETNF 2021 Newest Interactive Cat Toy

The PETNF 2021 Newest
Interactive Cat Toy is perfect for your furry friend. With its sleek design
and multiple ways to play, this toy will have your cat entertained for hours.
The fish bowl is made of high-quality ABS material and is non-toxic and
eco-friendly. This toy also features an automatic rotating mechanism that
allows you to set it to random or slow mode.

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  • The PETNF 2021 Newest Interactive Cat Toy is a laser light show
    and auditory alarm clock that uses simple touch controls.
  • It comes with three different modes of automatic rotation and two
    different ways to play.
  • The package also includes a free giveaway toy.
  • This product is made from nontoxic, high quality


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  • Cats Are Happy And Busy
  • Timer Feature For Boredom Relief


  • The Unit May Not Be Suitable For All Purposes