Pllieay Min Bamboo Trellis for Climbing Plants

The Pllieay Min Bamboo Trellis Garden Trellis is perfect for indoor use. With its rustic design and bamboo material, it is perfect for any home decor style. The set includes 12 bamboo stakes, 50pcs ties, and 24pcs thin bamboo sticks, making it easy to assemble. It is perfect for supporting small plants and flowers, and also makes a great gift for friends and family.

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  • The Pllieay Minibamboo Trellis Set includes 12 pack 16 inch natural bamboo stakes, 50 pieces of tied bamboo, and 24 pieces of thin bamboo.
  • Each bamboo stake was drilled with holes so that it can be assembled into a plant trellis with ties and thin bamboo sticks.
  • Bamboo canes play an important role in the early growth and growth habits of young plants and trees, can provide support for growing plant stems, and will not interfere with normal root development at the same time.


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