Venison Grain Free Raw Kitten Food Nuggets

The Primal Freeze Dried Cat Food Nuggets are a
complete raw diet that is perfect for your cat. Made with fresh venison,
these nuggets are high in protein and low in fat. They are also shelf stable
and ready to serve. With no additives or preservatives, they are perfect for
your cat’s health and well being.

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  • The product is made with fresh ingredients.
  • It has no synthetic substances.
  • The company that makes it is based in the US.
  • The product is shelf stable and can be rehydrated with water or
    bone broth.
  • The portion size is 4 ounces (113 grams).
  • This product comes in a box.


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  • Contains All Three Nutritional Perks Of A Healthy
  • Made With 100% Grass-Fed Meat And Tallow
  • No Added Sugar


  • The Cat Is Finicky
  • The Food Is Not As Good As It Should Be