Redneck Convent RC 4pk Tan Waterproof Ammo Box

The perfect combination of style and function, the Redneck Convent RC 4pk Tan Waterproof Ammo Box is made to keep your ammo and tools safe and dry. Made from high-quality materials and durable construction, it’s built to last. With a flip top design, it’s easy to open and close, and has four locking latches to keep your contents secure.

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  • The Redneck Convent 4pk Tan Waterproof Ammo Box is a military storage box designed to keep your ammunition and other valuables safe and secure.
  • The package includes a 4pk black 50 caliber box.
  • Each lockable ammunition storage box features an airtight rubber gasket seal around the rim to ensure the contents are protected from water and debris.
  • Desiccant gel pack absorbs moist air trapped in the can during long term storage.
  • Ammo caddy base is indented to accept the folding handle on the lid of your other ammo safes to save space and improve stackability.


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