Le you pet quick cleaning cat litter box

The Le You Pet cat litter box is perfect for busy cats who don’t have time to stop and manually clean their litter boxes. This automatic cat litter box features an active separation grid that automatically separates fresh from old cat litter. It also has a drawer-style cleaning box that allows you to reach into the back to scoop out any waste. With its sleek white finish and modern design, it’s sure to look great in your home.

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  • The Le You Pet litter box has a tipping bucket design.
  • It has a large interior space that is suitable for most cats.
  • The simple and generous appearance is suitable with the room.
  • Installation is easy with simple steps included in the package.


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  • Comes In A Variety Of Colors
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Can Be Used Without Litter Box Training


  • The Bottom Piece Is Flimsy And Can Break Easily