Sifting Cat Litter Box Liners Bags with Holes

The Sifting Cat Litter Box Liners are perfect for
large cat litter boxes. They are large enough or oversized bins to make
cleaning the litter box much easier. Moreover, each bag is separate and easy
to use. These liners are made of high quality materials that are durable and
easy to clean.

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  • The product is made of plastic.
  • It comes with a drawstring.
  • The sand falls through the holes in the bottom of the
  • You can clean up quickly and easily in just three steps: unfold
    the whole set of cat litter box liners and place them in the bottom of the
    cat litter box; spread about 2-3 inches of cat litter on a clean cat litter
    box; when cleaning is needed, simply lift the green drawstring and allow the
    sand to fall back into the box.


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  • It Is Much Rainier To Use
  • Convenient
  • Fits In A Senior Citizen Backpack


  • The Bag Is Not Very Secure