Petco So Phresh Navy Top-Entry Litter Box

The Petco brand So Phresh Navy Top-Entry Litter Box is perfect for use by families with small pets or dogs who are looking for a reliable and affordable litter box solution. This box features a top-entry design that allows you to easily scoop out used litter. It also has a sealed design that helps to keep your home free of unpleasant odors. The box is made of high-quality materials and is designed to last.

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  • The So Phresh Navy TopEntry Litter Box is an enclosed design that helps reduce odors and keep pets out.
  • It has a built in tracking mat that gently brushes granules off paws.
  • The box also features an easy to clean tilting lid that seals with an anti-scratch coating.
  • Finally, the litter box includes a lid entrance that provides added privacy and discourages curious dogs.


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  • Durable
  • Easy To Clean
  • Safe For Pets
  • Inexpensive


  • May Not Be Suitable For All Pets