Springform Pan Set 3 Pieces/Set

The perfect set of pans for baking your favorite cakes and cookies!. These pans are made of high-quality carbon steel for durability and long lasting use. They are non-stick so you can easily release the baked good from the pan. The heart-shaped pan is perfect for making cupcakes and other desserts. The round and square pans are great for baking cookies, breads, and other flatbreads.

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  • The pans are made of carbon steel, which is safe and healthy.
  • They have a strong and durable structure with good heat resistance.
  • The pans come in various shapes including heart, round, and square.
  • They have a nonslip base that makes them easy to remove from the cake once cooked.
  • Finally, they are stackable and can save space in your kitchen.


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