Back Stretcher for Relieving Lumbar/Back Pain

The Back Stretcher is an upgraded version of the original back stretcher that was designed to effectively relieve back pain. This back stretcher features 10 magnetic points and 96 auxiliary massage points. This can effectively relieve back pains by its innovative design. It can minimize the impacts of sciatic nerve discomfort which starts from your lower back and runs all the way down to your legs. Ergonomically designed with an adjustable height, this back stretcher is perfect for people of all ages to use.

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  • The product comes with a lumbar back traction & decompression device that is meant to help alleviate back pain.
  • The product also includes a lumbar back massage & support device that is meant to help treat muscle soreness caused by overuse.
  • Finally, the product includes an acupressure back & neck massage point system that is meant to help treat stress & anxiety.


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