UPSKY Cat Litter Mat

The UPSKY Cat Litter Mat is perfect for those who want to reduce their cat’s mess in the house. This mat is large and covers most of the cat litter box, making it easy to scoop up any waste left behind. It is also gentle on your cat’s paws and is non-toxic.

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  • The UPSKY Cat Litter Mat is a large mat that is designed to help reduce litter box mess.
  • This product is made of PVC material, which is soft and nontoxic.
  • The mat has an antislip coating on the bottom, which helps prevent urine from soaking through and making the mat slippery.
  • This product comes with a unique design, featuring a nonslip bottom and a nonbinding backing.
  • The package includes one mat.


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  • Prevents Pads From Scratching Furniture
  • Keeps Pads Clean
  • Easy To Clean


  • May Not Be Suitable For All Dog Breeds