Vetality Canine Aspirin for Dogs

The Vetality Canine Aspirin is a great choice for your dog who needs fast pain relief. This product provides powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic relief for your dog with its easy to dose one chewable tablet once a day. With its tasty liver flavor, it’s sure to be loved by your dog.

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  • The Vetality Canine Aspirin for Dogs comes in a fastacting form, allowing for quick relief from symptoms.
  • It has a tasty liver flavor.
  • The tablets are made from high quality ingredients and are manufactured in The USA.
  • They have been verified by an ISO 17025 Accredited lab.
  • Small/Medium size tablets are available for dogs weighing less than 50 lbs, while large/xlarge sizes are recommended for dogs over 50 lbs.


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  • Chewable And Palatable
  • Made With High-Quality Ingredients
  • Tastes Good


  • May Be Too Small For Some Dogs