VINSGUIR Ankle Weights for Exercise

The VINSGUIR Ankle Weights are perfect for strengthening your ankles, wrists, arms and hands. They come in a set of 1 pair and are adjustable in weight so you can choose the perfect amount for your needs. Made from high-quality materials, these ankle weights will last for years of use.

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  • The VINSGUIR Ankle Weights are adjustable and have a high quality long lasting material.
  • They are designed for a variety of uses including exercise and rehabilitation.
  • The sand is filled in several compartments divided by sewing machine threads to prevent sand accumulation or sliding with movements.
  • The D ring withstands pulling and holds the strap in place, no matter how much you move.


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  • Made Of High Quality Materials
  • Inexpensive
  • Can Be Used For Multiple Purposes


  • May Not Be Suitable For All Users