Electric Fogger,Machine Backpack Sprayer Suitable

The YOLENY 4.2 GAL Electric Fogger is perfect for those who are looking for a versatile, easy-to-use electric fogger that can spray a variety of materials. With its large capacity and multiple nozzles, this fogger can handle any task.

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  • The YOLENY 4.2 GAL Electric Fogger is a professional grade disinfectant sprayer that offers versatility and performance.
  • The machine has a capacity of 4.2 gallons and comes with two different nozzles, allowing users to customize their application.
  • The electric fogger also features an adjustable droplet size, allowing users to target specific areas with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Finally, the electric fogger is equipped with a durable metal frame and powder coating for lasting protection against the elements.


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